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Welcome to Scalea!

The Italian coastal city Scalea lies in Northern Calabria, the most southward province on the Italian mainland. It is divided in a historical center and a new district of the city. Scalea has a centuries-old history, which is less shaped by the tradition of fishing, but instead served as a trading hub. This becomes especially apparent in the architecture of the historic district, which features an urban structure able to withstand hostile invasions. Typical for this way of construction are the narrow stairs “le scale”, which connect the “Centro Storico” with the modern district of the city. Read more about the history of Scalea here. Scalea itself and its environment provide endless possibilities for an intensive and fulfilling vacation. Whether it be resting on the sunbed at the beach or exploring the neighbouring, unspoiled nature parks – Scalea offers an original, typically Italian sense of life. The Casa Verde lies right in the historical district, which is only accessible by foot through the typical small alleys of a historical center. This means that the guest can enjoy his silence, even at the peak of the season. The furnishing of the Casa Verde conveys the impression that it is permanently inhabited. It impresses with a personal, individual note.
Enjoy your stay and let the sea, the mountains and the sun mesmerize you. We look forward to warmly welcoming you at the Casa Verde soon!


Advices of the landlord

The house is in my private property since 1995. Experientially, the prime time to travel is from May to mid-July and from September to mid-October. The temperature match the typical Mediterranean climate in Southern Europe. Popular activities include beach visits, boat tours (Scalea offers local boat rental), rafting, mountainbiking and hiking tours and much more! At the peak of the season, the guest is able to take a trip from Cercato to the Aeolian Islands. Further on, a visit in the typical Calabrian mountain villages and the unspoiled Natur of the Cilento park is highly recommended. The infrastructure of the modern district is fully developed – you can find supermarkets, pharmacies, bars, traditional Italian restaurants (like the “La Perla” close to the beach on the way to Diamante or the “Rondinella” in immediate proximity to the Casa Verde), boutiques and many more opportunities. Besides, the modern district provides car and motorcycle rentals.

Address: Vico 2 Gravina 8, 87029 Scalea (CS), Calabria, Italy
Send us an e-mail: info@casaverdescalea.com


The city of Scalea is accessible by plane via the airports of Naples and Lamezia Therme (Tropea). Following the flight, a two-and-a-half-hour trip by car awaits you, thus we recommend you rent a car. Please regard that the parking lot closest to the house is on the Piazza di Cimalonga. This parking may only be used a short timespan though, e.g., for unloading your car or picking something up from the house. For longer periods you can easily park your car outside the piazza.

Besides, you can travel to Scalea by train. The city is connected to the central railway network from Rome to Reggio di Calabria.

Naturally, you can also travel by car. Enjoy the great view on the trip and the freedom to stop in other, astonishingly beautiful cities of Italy!

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We create memories

A very special experience awaits you. Enjoy the sea breeze and the vivid activity in the Centro Storico.

„A wonderful experience! Bury your feet in the sand during daytime and enjoy the sea, just to sit in one of the numerous cafes and bars in the evening and letting the day come to a relaxing end.“

John Doe

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